This is my personal homepage - designed to document my year abroad and the places I travelled to during my own little “world tour”. I hope it will help keeping in touch with all the nice people I met - overseas as well as at home. I hope you’ll enjoy Your stay - have fun, don’t forget to leave a message in the guestbook and keep on rockin’ out there!

Cheers, p:a:s.

Welcome to Keep On Rockin`!!!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 25 August 2001 -

Well, it has been some time since I have been up-dating K.O.R. - lot of stuff to do in university. Nonetheless it has been happenin’ heaps of funny things here as well so I’ll publish all the nice stuff in The Free World asap: I got a visit from good ol’ Germany, been to a great concert, we had some nioe trips outside the city and some really cool parties... Watch out - it all will be there soon! What I at least could accomplish tonight (after having a really nice party - sorry for all those typing errors but it´s 3:15 am and I really feel a little “bzzzz”, if you know what I mean...) is to put on some pictures from my friends back in Germany, so check out this site in The Free World as well as the new chapter V from the NZ report...

WHAT’S NEW??? - 01 September 2001 -

As you might have noticed, this page has a new layout now - I hope you like blue. As well I managed to add a new NZ chapter - really funny pics this time! And last but not least there is the B.O.D. contest going on (and out of control) in the guestbook - don’t miss the oppurtunity to leave a senseless message!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 18 September 2001 -

Sorry for not up-dating this page for so long but here we go finally with heaps of pictures from our trip to the Bay of Islands. I’ll be away on a holiday on the South Island the rest of the month and there will be a lot more party pictures to see afterwards, I promise you that...


WHAT’S NEW??? - 08 October 2001 -

There is a new feature in the South Island Experience- see the route the infamous South Island Party Team took and follow them day for day! Besides this the guestbook is working properly again - sorry for the inconvenience during the last days..

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 01 October 2001 -

I am back with heaps of pictures from my short but intense holiday on the South Island. As there is really a lot to tell I made up a new section in the NZ chapters: “The South Island Experience”. It will take some time until all the pics and stories are there, so check out that spot now and then...

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 11 October 2001 -

There are some more days in the “The Route” chapter...

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 23 October 2001 -

The “The Route” chapter is complete now...

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 03 November 2001 -

There are some more pics in the South Island Experience...

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... and some more in the Germany section!

  Wanna know who “B.O.D”. is?

WHAT’S NEW??? - 06 November 2001 -

Added some pics of the team in the S.I.E..

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 14 November 2001 -

Queenstown really is a good fun place on the South Island!

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WHAT’S NEW??? - 03 February 2002 -

All right - the winter break (northern hemisphere!) is over and K.O.R. is back again! Currently I am in Seville, Spain, for a language course and I thought it was about time to let you guys know how my trip to Australia was (awesome!) and there are some good party-pics from my last days in NZ as well. And - not to forget - I got some more pics from friends back home in cold Germany as well. Sorry for the long idle time, but here you go, finally...

   Let´s see Down under!

   The final New Zealand Chapter

   New pics from home...

WHAT’S NEW??? - 05 March 2002 -

Here I am finally: In Lima, Peru! And I have to say it´s really great! I haven´t got any pics from here so far, but I am gonna take some asap. In the meantime (sorry to let you wait) you can have a look at how my trip to Seville in Spain was. !Hasta luego!

   What´s up in Spain?

WHAT’S NEW??? - 14 March 2002 -

There you go with the first Chapter on my stay in Lima!

   Read the Peru chapter No. 1!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 25 April 2002 -

Ok, ok, I am very sorry to have had you waiting but finally I found the time to at least publish some of the new pics I got. They´re from Dennis´ and my tour to Puno and Lake Titicaca... There´s more to come, please be patient with me (my exams won´t though...).

   Lago Titicaca!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 05 May 2002 -

Here I got some pics from our bus trip from Puno to Cuzco for you...


WHAT’S NEW??? - 09 May 2002 -

This is the rest of the pics I took during the trip to Cuzco...

   Cuzco rules!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 23 May 2002 -

You wanna see where I been studying here? Click below!

   Enter ESAN!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 11 June 2002 -

Well, my studies here in Lima finally came to an end - yeah! But this doesn´t mean I am going home allready - I got an internship here in Lima so I’ll linger arround in Peru a bit longer. As it looks now, I should be home no later than by the end of August. But ‘til then there is still a lot to discover in THE FREE WORLD - just like I did on a trip to a national reserve some days ago - have a look!

   A few days off!

WHAT’S NEW??? - 7 July 2002 -

Even though Germany did not win the world championships (which came quite unexpectedly, didn’t it?) I used my chances to party a lot lately. Consequently there are heaps of pictures now of all the amigos and amigas I spend my days and nights with here in Lima. Another thing I could accomplish last week was booking my flight back home - so all you crazy folks back in Germany prepare for extreme party-action at my place shortly after August 22!

     People, people, people!

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