CHAPTER 1 - Welcome to the “Lland of the Llamas”

So I finally made it to Peru. Finally - after a short stop back home after my trip to Seville, what didnīt really mean Iīd have a lot of time to rest there but rather a lot of stress like booking a flight, getting a visa, packing my bags and seeing people. So, I was really happy to sit in the plane for a while without anything to do and just sleep. After a while I didnīt feel that comfortable anymore - the space you get for your legs is more than narrow, the food really bad and I had the doubtful luck to be surrounded by small children, who - of course! - were crying all the time. (Donīt fly Iberia is my suggestion, maybe it helps...)

Anyway, somehow we made it to Lima in time despite the rough weather and soon I was sitting in a taxi, chatting with the driver about football, beer, music and all the other good things. After an one-hour drive I was greeted heartly be the people that would be my guest family for the next 4 months - Bertha and her two children Claudio and Carla. They all are very nice and helpful with everything - so I am really happy to stay with them. They got a really huge house with a nice little garden and gave me a really big room with a bathroom of itīs own which I appreciated very much...

- This is the house I am staying at - not too bad, is it? -

- There also is a small garden with a nice park behind it... -

- My favourite working-spot... -

As I arrived on Thursday and university wouldnīt start until Monday I had a full weekend to spent on exploring the nearer environment and used the time to examine Limaīs nightlife for the first time (rocks!), find a gym and become used to the rather different type of food they got in Peru (a lot of fruits and other strange stuff, everything is very tasty, but my stomache seems not to think so).

I also been spending nearly two weeks studying by now, but have yet to take any pictures so my life as student will be another story that will be told another time...



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