Germany is where I actually come from. Born in a small city near Frankfurt I started studying at the ebs near Wiesbaden in 1999. My studies there are also the reason for my tour through The Free World: As learning languages is a fix part of the program I am doing I have to spend two semesters abroad. These will be in New Zealand and Peru which means I´ll be a fair bit away from home for a while...

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Who the f*** is B.O.D.?

Below you find some of the coolest guys I ever met on this planet and I am very sad to have to leave behind for some time! Cheers mates - You really rock The Free World!!! (Everybody who thinks he/ she’s missing here should send me a photo asap - I don’t have that many!)

If you like to you can click on the flag above to listen to Germany´s national anthem or on the map to see a larger image!

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The Free World
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