CHAPTER 2 - Old Friends on Tour (March/April 2002)

I had spent just three weeks in Peru when  already I got a visit from back home: My oldest friend Dennis announced he would stick around for some weeks! I was very glad about his decison to pay me a visit as we had not seen us for a while and I planned to travel during the Semana Santa at the end of March and this would be much more fun with a good old mate...

Thus we made plans in advance and when he finally did arrive we didn´t lose time but started right away to explore the Lland of the Llamas. We would take a plane to Puno on lake Titicaca, spend two days on the lake (literally!), then travel one day by bus to Cuzco, see some stuff there until we would return to Lima where some surfing and other nice things (like lying on the beach without doing anything) would be waiting for us.

As usually, you´ll get full coverage on what happened during our week out - just chose from below:


Part One: Puno & Lake Titicaca

Part Two: The Way to Cuzco


Part Three: Cuzco

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