Part Two: The Way to Cuzco

After having spent 3 days in Puno and on the lake (and getting decently sunburned), we set off for Cuzco - the “real” Peru. Cuzco has been the centre of the Inca Realms until the Spaniards destroyed the empire in the 16th century. To get there we had to sacrifice half a day on the eight-hour bus-trip. But it turned out not to be a real sacrifice but rather well-invested time: The route winds trough the Peruvian highlands, the “altiplano”, and there is a lot of amazing things to see. One highlight was a pass 4338m above sealevel.

- ... -

- This is how it looked more or less all the way. -

- ... -

- These palm trees on a typical plaza of some village grow 3000m above sealevel!!! -

- There you go - that´s a LLAMA! (The one with four legs, stupid!)

- That´s high, isn´t it? -

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