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Chapter I: Going to New Zealand!

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Chapter II: The first days

Chapter III: Here we go!

Chapter IV: A new car is born!

This fluffy little guy to the left actually is a Kiwi - the national heraldic animal of New Zealand, the country where I am passing a semester from July through November in 2001. As you can see on the map New Zealand comprises two big Islands:

Chapter V: A visit, a concert and some saying goodbye...

- JULY -


Chapter VI: Oh lord won’t you buy me...


The two bigest cities are both located on the northern Island: Auckland (1 million inhabitants) and Wellington (the capital). I am living in Auckland, where I am studying at UNITEC, a big university of technology with about 16,000 students.

Chapter VII: The Bay of Islands


The South Island Experience

The Final Chapter: The Last Days in Kiwi-Land


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Click on the NZ-map to see a larger image of it or on the flag to hear New Zealand´s national anthem!

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