Here are some pics from New Zealands most awesome party place - Queenstown! Besides the vibrant nightlife there are heaps of activities to do around and it will be almost impossible to get bored. Consequently, our stay was quite exciting: A Four-Wheel Drive through a steep canyon, the Flying Fox, Bungy Jumping, Jet Boating and flying in a Helicopter - all within 4 hours! We had a really good time...

- The Skippers Canyon -

- Once again... -

- Through the rear window of the 4WD Car on our way to the Bungy place -

- It was really steep to both sides! -

- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Itís 102m...) -

- Smile, breath, jump, scream... -

- This helicopter took us back to Queenstown. -

Most famous quotes of the day:

Jump-Master: Ok, Nils, we gonna count you down for the jump: 5... 4... 3... 2...

Nils: Donít do that!!


Patrick: Is there anything I should know - how to do the jump maybe?

Jump-Master: Well, the most commonly recognised technique is to jump off the platform...


Stephan: And I am really connected to the rope? I mean, itís safe?



The South Island Experience