The South Island Experience

THE TEAM - Meet the Members of the South Island Party Crew:

Name: “Ol’ Swede”

Origin: Sweden/ Waterview

Driving Style: Destructive

Favorite Drink: Barcadi Cola

Quote: “I can do that...”

Special Skills: MacGyver, Lamp-Demolishing


Name: “Freddy K.”

Origin: Norway/ Waterview

Driving Style: Killin’

Favorite Drink: Long Island Ice Tea

Quote: “Don’t do that!”

Special Skills: Fluent Boxing, Rabbit Hunting


Name: “The Lootant”

Origin: Germany/ Kingsland

Driving Style: Daredevil

Favorite Drink: Jack Daniel’s

Quote: “I’d like Fish&Chips - and some fries,

Special Skills: Extreme Cold-Resistance,
                         Toilet Disinfecting


Name: “Racin’ Rune”

Origin: Norway/ St. Lukes

Driving Style: Lightning

Favorite Drink: Vodka RedBull

Quote: “No, I am not in a hurry - then you’d get
             really scared.”

Special Skills: Shoe-Losing, Racing


Name: “Mr. Sensitive”

Origin: Germany/ Morningside

Driving Style: Stylish

Favorite Drink: Vodka Lemon

Quote: “Just a sec...”

Special skills: Hairdressing, Card Games