CHAPTER VI - Oh, Lord won’t you buy me.... A F***ING NEW RADIO!!!

Still very busy with all the assignments for university I at least managed to take my car to the garage next door. Besides the replacement of a flat tyre (Damn! I really don´t have any luck with that crate up to now!) it needed to have its oil changed. I took this as an opportunity to let them connect the radio again - at least I would be able to listen to some music... Would I? Hm, well, the god of car radios wasn´t that sure about it. Before I should be able to enjoy the sound of a radio in my car I had to take the Mazda back to the garage: Yes, they had fixed the radio but therefore my brake lights wouldn’t work anymore - oops! Finally, I got what I wanted - did I really? Hm, well the only frequency on that old thing is actually AM - too bad. Nevermind, I thought, a radio is a radio... Is it? Hm, well, not in New Zealand it seems. The only f***ing stations they got on AM here are 1) talk channels - Iwillbotheryouwithmyuninterestinglifeblabla all day long - no thanx, 2) sports channels - no music either - or 3) Asian stations - what? - or 4) - christian programs - aaargh!!!! Trod helvete!!! They really suck - I can promise you! Smash hit of the last week: “The River of god”. Woooonderfull. My personal favourite is: “Jesus tells the way I feel”. A great chorus on this one: “Praise the lord, halleluj’, I don’t care what the devil gonna do!” How, f***ing uncool can you possibly be? And how bad can your songwriting be? You really can find out in my godforsaken car...

Besides this, I really had a good time on the last weekend - especially on Sandra’s birthday party. I don’t know how to tell all the weird things that happened that night, so just enjoy the pics...

- Happy Birthday, Sandra! -

- European invasion in the Thai-restaurant, 25 crazy people -

- How do you recognize, somebody is from Norway? -

- Aren’t they sweet? -

- He’s back!!! -

- Even worse! (You really get a blue tongue from that red wine...) -

- Please do not feed! -

- ... -



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