CHAPTER V - A visit, a concert and some saying goodbye...

August actually promised to be a really bussy month - a lot of assignments showing up, leaving no time for me to up-date my homepage or to go out too often. But this sad time of painstaking work was delighted by a nice visit from good ol´Germany: Christine, actually on a kind of “world tour” of her own, came to visit me the first weekend of August after passing some weeks in Singapore and Australia. So it came I picked her up at the Auckland airport on a Friday afternoon and we spent a nice day together before she had to leave for her “Kiwi Experience Tour” on Saturday morning. While showing her the city I been able to take some nice pictures and here they are...

 - Christine and me on a really windy day on top of Mt. Eden -

- Auckland’s skyline from on top of Mt. Eden...

- Auckland Downtown at night -

- Auckland night traffic and the mighty Sky-Tower -

Another highlight in August has been the concert of MEGADETH - originally supposed to take place at the Powerstation close to the place I live. Well, they moved it to St. James due to the huge demand for tickets. So I did expect a really big concert when I quit my Thursday night lecture a little earlier than my timetable would suggest. But it seems like “big demand for tickets” in NZ doesn´t necessarily mean that there is going to be a big concert - so I found myself in St- James theater, a place that would be quite well suited for a classic concert or tradional play as it looked like a small barrock theater - wouldn´t there have been the huge Megadeth decoration with “Vic” on it on stage. Afer having suffered long enough under the really sucking opening band the concert finally started and it was great fun! Ok, Dave Mustain really is an arrogant asshole but he knows how to play some music! I had a really good time and after two hours of bone-braking heavy metal music I offered Christopher, a German exchange student I had met during the concert (he wore a Blind Guardian T-Shirt - not too difficult to realize he is from Germany...), to give him a ride back home to his guest family. This turned out to be a 30 min drive but at least we had the great opportunity to rip off some Megadeth poster from some costruction site which now decorates my closet quite well... On the way back I spent nearly half an hour in a BP petrol station where I got to know Adam from France with whom for some strange reason I had a quite nice conversation in Franglish - felt good to talk some French again. I made it home at 2.00 am finally and put up the Megadeth poster on my cupboard the next day - have a look....

- Yes, I still CAN open the doors, stupid... -

Quite sadly though, we had to say farewell to two members of the Norwegian-Swedish-German Crew down here. Trond and Helena finally decided for some reason that they shouldn´t be staying any longer in the land of the Kiwis - so they went home. Too bad mates - was great fun to have you around!!! (Hey, if you guys wanna keep in touch - send me an e-mail, just click the “About” button...)

- Helena and me and Trond, hope to c ya  around again somewhere... -



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