CHAPTER IV - A new car is born! (23.-31. July)

Week-end again and nothing to do (ok, who wants to study on a week-end, anyway?) - so we decided to be tourists on that saturday and went to “Kelly Tarlton´s Antarctic Encounter and Underwaterworld”, a huge aquarium with a lot of funny penguins and fish and so on... This trip has been alright - nothing special but good enough for a Saturday afternoon - here are the pics:

- Aren´t they cute? -

- Here we got a torpedo-shaped one... -

- Err, not a penguin actually... -

- I guess he´d like a penguin for dinner! -

- Of course the toy store had been the most fun! -

Afterwards we have been visiting Mission Bay once again and had a pizza there: Strange thing - “Chicken Tandori” - with Chicken, Avocado, Tomato and Lime Yogurt on it... This may have been the reason why most of us didn´t really feel like going out that night so we just went to a pub in the neighbourhood.

But this was fine with me - I wanted to go up early on Sunday to get a car. So Kenny, Daniel and me went to NZ´s biggest car fair and had a look. After luring away Kenny from a the Japanes sportscars I finally found one that looked like it could make it: A Mazda “Familia” (ok, the name sucks). After testdriving, bargaining and some more hours I finally got rid of just to many bucks and may call myself a car-owner now! Of course I found out later that that bastard had not told me everything about it (like about the left door that can´t be locked or unlocked by key...) and the radio isn´t working either but a least it got wheels! To better the situation I went into a shop straight away afterwards and bought a nice sticker - what would a car be without stickers!

- How cool can the owner of such a car possibly be? -

- Japanese quality! -

- You never forget your first one! -


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