CHAPTER III - Here we go! (15.-22. July)

After spending the first week in my new domicile - the K.D.V (don´t know what that stands for) - I must say that I like it here very much. Compared to the place I have been staying before (I moved after four days to get a little closer to where the party is) this seems to be quite a palace, even though it doesn´t look like one from the outside. One more good thing about it is that some of the guys from home are staying here and whole Sweden calls this home, too. Therefore it is not as lonely as the other place - “little Europe” is more like a “North-European-Party- Neighboorhood”. During this week I also managed to catch myself my first “NZ-fever” and was a little tied to my bed during Sunday and Monday but anyway - this way I at least got some time to work on my homepage then...

 - My home is my castle... -

- And from inside... -

- Thirtynine - that´s mine!

As it kept on raining the whole week we haven´t seen much of the city or the coast up to now, but at least we have been to university and checked out what courses in NZ are like. Classes over here are rather small (20-30 people) and mostly only one time a week. My timetable therefore really does look good - I got classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But too bad - this doesn´t mean we´re on holiday here. The estimated workload per course is 180h per semester, which includes reading a 900-page-book and writing at least one individual and one group asignment! (But this will be no problem I guess - we got our ebs-ucation, if you know what I mean...) At least courses seem to be interesting and the lecturers not too boring...

Last Fryday was a good one. We agreed the day before to start a big warm-up party at our place before going out. So it came that the following gathered in the huge KDV-living-room:

- 10 Swedish

- 1 Hong-Kong-Swedish

- 3 Norwegians

- 2 guys from Samoa

- 7 Germans

- Several litres of alcoholic liquids from anywhere in the world

We really had some fun that night! Especially in the “Immigrant´s Pub” - an Irish Pub we have been to before and that seems to be a good party place. I wonder if somebody shot somes pics in there - I only got some from the “warm-up” up to now, so enjoy these:

- ... -

- ... -

- Kind of smokey in that room! -

- Breakfast at 4.30am on Saturday morning: “Would you like chicken or beef?” -


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